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One sweet dream at a time

At Health Care Mattress, we believe the world will be a better place if people sleep better! By making quality memory foam mattresses affordable, we are making the world a better place one sweet dream at a time.

Health Care Memory Foam Mattresses

Luxurious comfort, plush support, and a soothing sleep temperature combine to define the Health Care memory foam miracle! This revolutionary sleep technology is designed to conform to the contours of your body, help maintain temperature balance, and cradle you in maximum comfort…

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Memory Foam

Comfort MD™ Memory Foam is our proprietary temperature balanced formula, providing just the right amount of support for a great night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses


GelCare® Mattresses are manufactured using high quality Gel-infused Comfort MD™ Memory Foam for the ultimate advance in sleep technology.

GelCare® Mattresses


Our Hybrid Mattresses combine Comfort MD™ Memory Foam and Individually Wrapped Springs, fusing traditional & memory foam technologies for a premium sleep experience.

Hybrid Mattresses


We have been at the forefront of state-of-the-art manufacturing to become one of the world’s largest memory foam manufacturers.

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Our memory foam formula does not use added unnecessary and wasteful inert fillers or ingredient additives.

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Quality memory foam mattresses can be very expensive, but they don't have to be.

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Health Care Memory Foam Pillows

Health Care quality memory foam pillows are available in an array of styles and sizes for customized comfort and more restful sleep. From Cool Gel Technology and Dual-sided Comfort options to Free-Floating Clusters and Luxurious Down Filling, each style uniquely features the benefits of memory foam technology.

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Ideal for both back and side sleepers, we fill our Cluster Pillows with just the right amount of Comfort MD™ Memory Foam for maximum comfort.

Cluster Pillows


Using plush, molded Comfort MD™ Memory Foam, we offer both standard pillow & contour shape designs—ideal for supporting the head, neck, and shoulders for a great night’s sleep.

Molded Pillows


The perfect combination of Comfort MD™ Memory Foam and Cooling Gel technology for ideal comfort and support for all sleep positions.

Hybrid Pillows

Memory Foam Pet Beds

Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, Health Care quality memory foam pet beds provide customized comfort and excellent support to promote healthier, happier, and well-rested pets!

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